An unforeseen occurrence that happens unexpectedly and by chance.
At fault accident
An accident for which the insured held partially or totally responsible for the damage caused by the accident.
Auto Extra
Additional automobile coverage offered by SSQauto and included in the double contract (home and auto). Whether taken out together or separately, Auto Extra includes: enhanced accident benefits, broadened ”loss of use extension”, waiver of deductible for the hit-and-run or total loss coverage, and civil liability from damage resulting to non-owned automobiles.
Civil liability
A person’s obligation to repair the prejudice they have caused to someone else.
Reimbursement claimed further to an incident generally affecting the insured’s property covered by his/her home and/or auto insurance policy.
Impact of a vehicle with another vehicle or object.
Contract cancellation
Approach undertaken by the insured or the insurer to terminate the insurance contract before the renewal date.
Contract termination
See – Contract cancellation
Amount the insured agrees to pay in the event of an incident.
Dependent children
All children under age 18 who are legally and effectively the responsibility of the designated insured or the insured’s spouse.
Detached private structures
Structures or buildings separated from the dwelling by a clear space or connected to the dwelling by a fence, utility line or similar connection only.
Changes to an insurance contract confirmed in writing.
Health assistance
Telephone support offered to SSQauto insureds who can use this service to speak with a health professional and obtain advice on health issues and general well-being.
Holding pond
See – Retention tank.
Home assistance
Telephone support offered to SSQauto insureds who can use this service to get information on home maintenance and repairs within 48 hours of their call, or immediately in the case of an emergency.
Building that serves as a residence (house, condominium, cottage or apartment).
Identity theft assistance
Telephone support offered to SSQauto insureds who can use this service to get in touch with the right professionals to help them deal with the consequences of identity theft.
Insurance contract
Legal document certifying the insurance as well as its terms and conditions.

A person, as well as their spouse and children, whose assets and civil liability are covered by the home insurance.

The contract also covers:

  • Children under age 18 who are under the legal care of the insured
  • Students who are under the insured’s care even if they live outside the principal residence

Automobile insurance covers the vehicle and those driving it. Generally the person who uses the vehicle most is designated as the principal driver and the others as occasional drivers.

Inventory of property
List of all belongings owned by the insured and their approximate value.
Joint report
Document stating the circumstances of an accident and the parties involved. The joint report speeds up the claim process.
Legal assistance
Telephone support offered to SSQauto insureds who can use this service to get general legal information on such things as: real estate, civil law, business law, consumer issues, responsibility and family law.
National Do Not Call List (DNCL)
A list which gives consumers a choice about receiving telemarketing calls. For more information.
Not at fault accident
An accident for which the insured is not held responsible for the damage caused by the accident.
Personal property
All of the insured’s property, including the contents of his/her home and other belongings on his/her property.
Plumbing system
Means water supply, distribution and disposal piping on the premises, including appliances and equipment attached thereto, from their connection points to a public or private system.
Designated dwelling that is the insured’s exclusive property, including garages and outbuildings.
Amount the insured must pay to benefit from the insurance coverage in the event of an incident.
Renewal of an insurance contract for a given period (1 or 2 years).
Rental value
Value determined by the income that may be earned by leasing a property.
Replacement cost
Indemnity that doesn’t take depreciation into account.
Residence employee
A person employed by you to perform duties in connection with the maintenance or use of the premises. This includes persons who perform household or domestic services or duties of a similar nature for you. This does not include persons who perform duties in connection with your business.
Retention tank
Means a tank in which sudden influxes of surface, ground or storm water runoff are held temporarily before being released gradually into the drainage system.
Roadside assistance
Roadside assistance service that offers SSQauto insureds who use the service the following assistance: towing, jump start service, flat tire repair, emergency fuel service, winching lockout/lost key service.
Refers to circumstances where, regardless of the presence of furnishings, all occupants have moved out with no intention to return. A newly constructed dwelling is vacant after it is completed and before the occupants move in.