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Home risk prevention: SSQauto customers to benefit from the latest technology!

SSQauto has partnered with Groupe Vigilance to launch an exclusive and customizable offer that is designed to provide optimal protection whether they live in a house or condo. 

In addition to a significant discount on their home insurance premium, SSQauto customers will receive a comprehensive security system equipped to prevent water damage and valued at $900, plus all materials and installation absolutely free!*

Question & Answers

Who is Groupe Vigilance?

Groupe Vigilance is an avant-garde security system provider specializing in innovative solutions for preventing theft, break-ins, fire, and water damage. It’s also one of the only remote monitoring service providers in Quebec to offer a high-performance system capable of detecting and stopping water leaks. What’s more, the Repentigny-based company is the fastest-growing of its kind in the province.

I already have a home-monitoring system. Can I still participate in this exclusive offer?

Of course! Your current system can be linked directly to Groupe Vigilance’s smart security system, qualifying you for a substantial discount on your home insurance premium. Groupe Vigilance’s team of experts will convert your existing hard-wired or wireless system and optimize any components if needed, allowing you to benefit from the very best and latest home security technology on the market.

Why install a security system that can detect and stop water leaks?

Water damage is a common problem. In fact, it’s the leading cause of home insurance claims in Canada and occurs more frequently than even fire and break-ins, making Groupe Vigilance’s system a boon to preventing home insurance risk.

How does the water leak detection system work?

Detectors are installed at all points where water enters the home. As soon as a detector senses water, it sends a signal to a valve installed in the home’s main water line, cutting off the water supply and stopping the leak. The remote monitoring centre is immediately alerted, and an agent informs the homeowner of the incident, significantly reducing the extent of the damage.You can see how the system works here (French only).

I am interested in SSQ’s exclusive offer. How can I get more information?

Contact us by phone.

We also recommend visiting the Groupe Vigilance website for more information on their products and services.