Kilo program

Pay only for what you need! And if your annual driving distance changes, the Kilo Program will be adjusted.

  • To benefit from the Kilo Program, all you have to do is estimate your annual driving distance.
  • There's no need to install an electronic tracking system on your vehicle.
  • With the Kilo Program, the distance you travel makes a difference—in fact, your premium is adjusted based on how many kilometres you drive.
  • The Kilo Program is tailored to your needs, no matter how many kilometres you drive.

For more information about Kilo Program, please refer to our "Questions & Answers" section below.

Question & Answers

How do I evaluate my annual driving distance?

Use our handy estimator, located in the right-hand margin.

Can Kilo Program clients drive as much as they want?

There is no limit as to how much they use their car.

What happens when the actual distance driven is different from the distance estimated?

SSQauto bases your premium on the risk you represent, which is most notably calculated according to the declared use of your vehicle. To help you estimate your annual driving distance easily, try our handy mileage estimator, located in the right-hand margin.

Does the distance driven outside of the province of Quebec have to be included in the annual driving distance?

Yes, the entire distance driven in the car is considered, regardless of the location.

Must the distance driven by other drivers be included in the annual mileage?

The customized car insurance premium is adapted to the client's driving habits. The client pays only for the distance driven.

What is the main advantage of the Kilo Program?

A car insurance premium tailored to the custumer’s driving habits who only pays for the kilometres travelled.

Who benefits most from the Kilo Program?

The Kilo Program is intended for all drivers, regardless of how much they drive every year.

Do the clients who had already asked for an online quote receive the $120-rebate with the Kilo Program?

Certainly. They benefit from the Kilo Program as well as the current promotional $120-rebate through the on-line insurance quote on a 24-month contract.

Is the Kilo Program applicable to two-year contracts?

Yes, it applies to all car insurance contracts of either 12 or 24 months.

How does the Kilo Program coverage compare to regular car insurance?

The coverage is the same, only the premium is adjusted.

Is the Kilo Program available to all clients?

Yes to all our clients who have a passenger vehicle.

Does the Kilo Program apply to all types of vehicles?

No. Only passenger vehicles; motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles are excluded.